Shopfloor Management
Shopfloor Management makes it possible to eliminate the root causes of operational problems.

Aimed at increasing efficiency in solving operational problems, Shopfloor Management is derived from Japanese Lean Manufacturing Concepts, such as the well-known Toyota Production System. The approach is based on a combination of different methods, behaviors and working tools of surprising simplicity. These are applied daily to create a working culture that can make enormous differences in operational results. Benefits can be: improved quality, increased production efficiency, reduced delivery times, reduced costs, minimized waste, and more. The key point is that it is people who have to adopt new behaviors and working methods, and maintain them on a daily basis. That means the ongoing commitment of every employee (managers in particular) throughout the organization is essential. At Ashore Consulting we offer basic courses, practical training and coaching for the implementation of your new Shopfloor business culture.

  Our offering

  • Executive training and coaching on Shopfloor Management
  • Stepwise implementation to Shopfloor Mgmt culture
  • Creation and implementation of KPI dashboard